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Frequently Asked Questions

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Email me at steve@smittysflybox.com

How do I know which box is right for me?

  • The beginner box is the best place to start for a tier just getting into the tying world. I make sure to keep the beginner box simple, and full of material, and pick fish-catching flies.

  • The intermediate box is just one step up from the beginner. Slightly more advanced. Both the beginner and intermediate boxes receive tons of material. There is no quantity or quality change between the two, only the skill level.
  • Fly boxes are where you can tell me what flies you like to use and where you fish so that I can send you a hand-picked dozen flies to match your fishing.
  • The best value boxes are the combo boxes. You can combine the fly box and tying boxes all in one or choose both the tying boxes together! It is overflowing with material and has both levels of fly tying.

When is my card charged?

  • Your card will be charged on the 1st of each month. We will then process your order and have your box sent to you by the 3rd of every month.
  • For example, if you subscribe to a monthly tying box on the 17th of January your card will not be charged until the 1st of February and you will receive the February tying box. Another question I get asked often is if I subscribe on the 2nd or 3rd, can I still get the box before the ship date? The answer is usually no. The deadline is the 1st of the month so no orders after the deadline. So be sure to subscribe before the 1st!

When will my box ship?

  • If you have subscribed to a monthly box, it will ship by the 3rd of each month with free shipping via USPS. (Free shipping on US orders only)
  • If you have bought a one-time box, it will ship within 1-3 business days of your purchase. It will also have free shipping included. (Free shipping on US orders only)

Can I still get a box if I missed the deadline, even by only a day?

  • I get asked this a lot! The deadline to sign up for the next month's box is the last day of the month. Once the 1st of the month arrives I can't add more boxes so make sure to subscribe before the cutoff!

How many flies can I tie with the monthly boxes?

  • I shoot for 25 flies per box. Depending on the month and the pattern the amount may slightly vary. With simple patterns, you can tie 24-25 and have plenty of material left over. With big articulated streamers and larger patterns, I may lower the amount to a guaranteed 12 with extra material. The goal is to always give you extra so that you can tie more than the quantity suggests.

How do I learn to tie the patterns that come each month?

  • A newspaper is sent every month inside your box with step-by-step instructions on how to tie the fly. A video is also posted on our website under the videos menu as well as on our YouTube channel with more in-depth detail about how to tie each fly.

What brands of materials will come in my box?

  • Only the best of brands; Whiting Farms, Wapsi, Hareline Dubbin, Daiichi hooks, RoundRocks, Uni-Thread, etc. 

How do I switch box subscriptions?

  • You can email me directly and I will switch it for you!


Where can I pick the flies I want in my box?

  • If you have chosen to subscribe to a fly box or a combo box including a fly box, you will be asked a few survey questions at the CHECKOUT where you can tell me what flies you want and where you fish.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

  • Just log in to your account, click "manage", then click "subscription settings." You can choose to pause your subscription if you need to, or cancel at any time. There is no fee.

How can I update my fly selection?

  • To change fly preferences you can log into your account and go to "subscriptions." Under that page, you will see a button that says "manage."Then click on "update choices." There you will be able to fill out our fly survey and let us know what flies you'd like to receive!